Pom Pom Tassels

Customizing Different Types of Bags with Pom Pom Tassels

Every lady needs different types of handbags for different occasions. And with each bag, some ladies would prefer to customize them in order to show some personality and sense of style. There are different ways any type of bag can be customized: with patches, with jewelry, and my personal favorite, with pom pom tassels. So below I’m going to list different types of bags that can be customized with pom pom tassels and also talk about some ways you can wear and style these bags.

Tote Bags

Well, the classic tote bag usually comes in a minimalistic look, shape, and color. Some ladies say this bag is the most boring one, but thanks to pom pom tassels you can change that. It’s a perfect way how you can update your look. The all carrying bag will fit your classic outfits, as well as cocktail looks. The classic tote comes with a big and slouchy look, two handles and no closing zipper. If this is the bag you need to take with you to work. Buy a large one if you have to carry tablets and laptops and files and papers. Buy a medium-sized one if you’ve got your basic cell, makeup, magazine stash, etc. Get it in classic colors and you’ll love adding to different styles of customizations depending on your look and your mood.

Work Backpacks

If I had to guess, this would be my pick as the most popular and often sort after type of Backpack.With the modern workforce filled with startups and media companies that have a laid back atmosphere and dress code, more and more working class men and women abandon the traditional briefcase or handbag for the Backpack. It offers comfort, easy to carry around is trendy and fits in perfectly with the business casual work aesthetic of this generation. Take it a step further by adding Pom Pom Tassels to the zipper for a distinct look

Other kinds of Backpacks

Backpacks are all the rave now. Their rise in popularity gives rise to more popularity and on and on the circle goes. But the true reason why Backpacks are popular and continue to be popular is that people need a something to carry their stuff in, It’s as simple as that. The increase in popularity has caused more options to be available. Backpacks now come in different styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and can be easily customized with Pom Pom Tassels. The Backpack is inherently more practical and its rise can be compared to the rise of other products like athleisure wear or fancy eyewear. As this industry and product category continues to grow, more options, variations, and customizations options will continue to pop up. So staying on trend won’t be too hard.

Crossbody Bag

The crossbody bag is a must-have because it’s amazingly wearable and comfortable. It gives you a chance to be hands-free as you go about doing your daily activities. So if you expect to have your hands full on a certain day, you need one of these. Some tips on how to carry a crossbody bag is to make sure that the bag doesn’t sit on your side at your hip, instead swivel it around so that the bag is sitting behind you, this won’t add any extra bulk to your hips.  If you live somewhere that you feel it’s unsafe to have your bag behind you, then carry it to the front, rather than at the side on your hip.Make sure the strap isn’t too long, if the bag sits really low it can become both uncomfortable, banging against your legs, and unflattering. And not forget to mention they look even better with Pom Pom Tassels attached to them. You can mix and match a colorful crossbody bag with an even more colorful and lush Pom Pom Tassel. Supermodels at Fashion Week regularly wear their crossbody bags shortened, right below their armpit and this is very convenient. When you’re running from show to show with your essentials, you’d want your pouch to be reachable, not long and lengthened. The adding an accessory trick is becoming a trend. Its overall effect is way more fierce than a fringed carry all swinging nonchalantly at your waist. It’s a call to attention that it’s a major part of your outfit.

Day Clutch

The day clutch plays the same role as a crossbody bag but appears a little more sophisticated. Many can simply call this the brunch bag, for those days you’re only going to be out for a couple of hours and really don’t need to carry all that extra handbag. Of course, a sequined clutch could be cute, on occasion. But mostly you’ll just want something that’s casual and easy to grab on-the-go and plain so you can customize it without it looking like it’s too much or like you’re trying too hard.

Evening Clutch

The evening clutch is just like the day clutch but designed more for an evening look. You need only one or two of these in a neutral shade that goes with all your dressy looks. It’s a lot harder to customize this because they already come with a more than normal designed look. But you still can if you so desire. It’s you look so you should do whatever makes you happy.

Weekend bag

The weekend bag isn’t just for impromptu trips to the shore, this large bag doubles in a pinch as other bag types you need in your daily life. For example, the weekend bag could also serve as a gym bag, the grocery bag, the diaper bag and, of course, the carry-on bag that takes the place of your purse and allows you to haul more stuff with you under your seat on the plane. It’s usually always slung over your shoulder so it’s perfect for customization because it adds to your look.

Fun Bags

Fun bags are quirky bags and what better way to show your quirky side than by adding more quirkiness to an already quirky bag? It can be any shape or structure you choose, really. But the most fun ones are usually in the evening category. Get something that really stands out for your LBDs.